Dont Be Fooled by the Cash Cowboy’s

Don’t be fooled by these cash cowboy operators

We in the removalist industry refer to these guys as Cash Cowboys, because they pretty much steel your money and leave nothing but a bad taste and an ugly trail of dishonesty behind.

They have NO EXPERIENCE in relocating furniture at all; they most likely have not even obtained any furniture handling accreditation yet.

They breeze through the online marketing offering wonders & miracle services at ridiculously low hourly Rates, they hide behind Private numbers and often change their business name after a few weeks or after they have completely, they are usually not even registered businesses with real ABN numbers.

They will insist CASH always and give you ask for a receipt or invoice; they will give you a piece of paper with scribble handwriting as a receipt.

They have no credible references and cannot provide you with a real physical address for their business.

I have seen it, too many times; don’t be fooled by these Cash Cowboys.

Due to their lack of experience, and having no formal on the job training the job time always blows out and you end up paying more than you would have for a professional removalist company.

These guys are not Accredited they have no formal training; basically they just bought a cheap pantech truck to try and make a living off making false claims & promises.

They usually just hire their mates or neighbours to help them out on the job; these guys too have no experience and should not be given the opportunity to damage your items.

Typical signs of Cash cowboys are

Significantly cheaper Rate per Hour, the truck is old usually has Grafitti up the sides, No Signage, small and usually Untidy and blowing smoke!

The Operators are Dirty & usually smell! They find it difficult to answer your questions.
It’s these types of operators that are driving the government to increase tax, because they PAY NONE!

So the government tries to re-cooperate their loss from legitimate business like us.


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You wont Regret it!


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