Furniture Insurance

All Areas Removals Insurance

Insurance is optional and is at the request of the client. We have had a 100% success rate this means we haven’t had any claims in the past 15 Years Trading. Not to say that we never will, Rest assure that our Team is fully qualified and accredited removalists.

At All Areas Removals We use Allianz Insurance, you can get full insurance cover for the move plus an extra 45 days  after the initiation of the policy with a $200 excess through Allianz. This gives you the security of knowing that after you settle in, if you have incurred any damage to your furniture or items, you can still claim up to a maximum of 45 days.

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Any Furniture or items found to be damaged during the course of the move must be identified and disclosed to the removalists before completion of the job. It is the client’s responsibility to insure these items are unwrapped and condition checked prior to sign off.

As we are not the Insurer we must follow the protocol strictly set out in the policy bellow are some factors to think about, however you need to make the time to find out everything beforehand.

Insured Furniture or items that are damaged must then immediately be reported to All Areas Removals and removed from the premises by the our removalists for repair or replacement. Will be null and void if items are not disclosed prior to sign off, or not wrapped as recommended in preventative form of international wrap or have not been proven in working order prior to relocation. Any guarantee will be void if client leaves sites.

For full insurance through Allianz, you MUST put our name as the Removalist in order to be covered.

Please Call Allianz for further info and to make an Aplication Or Call us Today for further advice 02 9825 1984  or  0416 198 444